January 31, 2023

How Snow Removal Works for Tenants

What to expect after it snows.

Where Tenants Are Responsible

Most tenants are responsible for snow removal at their property. The exception to this would be any building with multiple units, any units that are a part of an association, or where your lease specifically designates that the owner provides snow removal. If you are unsure, please refer to your lease agreement.

For properties that are not provided with snow removal as a service, tenants are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks and walkways. Tenants are encouraged to purchase a shovel and bucket of salt. Please see below for City of Ann Arbor Code:

“Within 24-hours, any accumulation of snow greater than 1 inch must be cleared from adjacent sidewalks (A), concrete bus stop walks (B) and crosswalk ramps (C). Any ice accumulations must be treated within 18-hours of forming with sand, salt or other substance, to prevent it from becoming slippery. The city is not responsible for clearing mailboxes (D) of snow and/or ice. “

Residents will receive one warning per season before incurring fines. Any fines incurred due to tenants not clearing their sidewalks will be billed back to the tenants.

If BSP Handles Snow Removal

For properties that are provided with snow removal it will be removed if it accumulates above 1-inch. Due to the unknown nature of when the snow might fall, Baker Street may not be able to alert tenants before snow removal begins. As a general rule of thumb, snow removal will begin as soon as the snow stops falling, not during the snowfall. This means that the snow may be removed late in the evening or evening during overnight.

Tenants are encouraged to move their cars out of the driveway or parking lot on to the street if they would like their driveways or lots fully plowed. Otherwise, the plowing service will do their best to remove snow around any vehicles in the driveway. Tenants are responsible for their own vehicles and any snow accumulation around their vehicle if not removed from the driveway or parking lot. We strongly suggest that all tenants purchase a shovel and keep it at the property.

If a driveway or parking lot is blocked by a resident's vehicle and the plow can not get through the tenant may be charged a fine of $150.00.

Tenants are asked to also let us know if an area was missed or if ice build up has occurred in any areas on the property that may need extra salt. Our goal is to always provide a safe environment for tenants.

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