March 18, 2024

How to Transfer Funds or Pay an Outstanding Invoice Online

How to send funds to Baker Street by Bank or Credit Card.

Sending Funds

As a property owner, you can transfer funds directly to Baker Street right from your online dashboard. A common use-case might be transferring a security deposit to our Security Deposit Escrow Account or paying a maintenance balance on your Property’s Operating Account.

The first step is to navigate your dashboard here. In the top right corner, you will see a button labeled “Send funds”. Click this to go to the next step, where you’ll be able to select the amount, property, and payment source.

If you don’t see the button to “Send Funds”, you might not have access to this feature yet. Please email our team at to have this option enabled.

Payment Information

On this screen, you will be prompted to select a property. You cannot send a bulk payment for multiple properties and will need to split up the payments into separate transactions.

Next select the amount, payment date, and account type. Under account type, you can select either:

  • Bank Account - free option; takes 1-2 business days for the funds to transfer
  • Debit/Credit Card - percentage fee added on; takes a few minutes for the charge to appear as pending.

Lastly, you can fill in the "Memo" section with any notes for our team referencing what the transaction is for.

For security, we do not save your account details and you will need to re-enter your information each time.

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