November 16, 2022

Owner Dashboard Features

A guide to help owners navigate their owner dashboard.

Owner Dashboard Features

There are many features available to owners on the dashboard. In this guide we will highlight the most commonly accessed features.

Owners can access their dashboard by logging in HERE.


The Documents page shows all files that have been shared with the rental owner. For example, a management agreement, city inspection notices, or property condition reports.


The Maintenance page allows owners to look more closely at maintenance tickets that have been filed by tenants. We keep very detailed records of each maintenance request.

Choose Maintenance> Work Orders. Use the drop-down menu to select the status of work order you would like to view (New, In Progress, Completed). You can then see the specifics of each ticket and the expenses associated with it. After clicking on the Work order, navigate to the Summary tab and scroll down to see the progress of the ticket.


The Reports page allows rental owners to run selected reports about their properties on demand. The Report button is located on the far left side on the main owner page.

The reports that will likely be most helpful to you are the

  • Income Statement (Detailed) and
  • Rental Owner Statement  

Baker Street’s month runs from the 6th to the 5th and we pay owners on the 6th of each month (unless this falls on a holiday or weekend).

If you would like to see a full month report you would need to set a custom date range and choose the start date as the 7th of previous month and end it on the 6th of the current month.

For Example: You just received a payout on August 6th for rent paid in August. This payment would have any expenses incurred in July deducted from you.

The start date for the report should be July 7th and the end date should be August 6th.

The Income Statement can often be misleading at first glance, as the report defaults to "Accrual" accounting, which represents what you should expect to receive in Income and Expenses. However, toggling to "Cash" accounting will show you what tenants actually paid within that month and what expenses were paid out. Typically Accrual and Cash do match within a month, but this isn't the case if tenants are more than 30 days late on rent and/or if expenses get billed one month, but paid in another month. So, the Cash Income Statement often provides the best representation of the monthly Owner Payout.

You can star Reports that you use most often by clicking on the star icon to the left of the name of the report. This will move the reports to the Favorites section at the top of the page.

Financials and General Ledger

The Financials page informs owners of their properties' income and expense activity. On this page owners can more closely look at line items within the General Ledger. Navigate to this page by clicking Rental Owner>Financials.

Rental Owner Ledger

The rental owner ledger shows all owner contributions and owner draws. Navigate to this page by clicking on Rental Owner>Rental Owner Ledger.

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