December 12, 2023

Replacing Appliances

How we decide to repair or replace an appliance.


When a tenant reports an issue with an appliance, we will send a member of our maintenance team over to diagnose and first attempt to repair the problem.

There are times, however, when an appliance is old, and the repair cost does not add value to the appliance. We consider these factors as we are assessing repair versus replacement:

  • Age of the appliance
  • Price of the replacement part
  • Material or part availability
  • Condition of the appliance

Consumer’s Report has created the chart below of the average life expectancy of appliances:

We use the 50/50 Rule in deciding whether to repair or replace an appliance: If the appliance is halfway through its lifespan and if the cost of a repair is more than 50 percent of the cost for a new appliance, we will replace the appliance instead of repairing it.

For example: A tenant reported the dishwasher was not working. After diagnosing the issue, maintenance suspects the problem is a motherboard issue. The dishwasher is 11 years old. The price for a new motherboard is cost $400. A new dishwasher can be purchased and installed for $550. We recommend replacing the dishwasher.

Choosing New Appliances

When purchasing new appliances, we often try to match the new appliance with existing appliances (color, make, model, etc). But if owners have specific preferences, then we are happy to accomodate. Otherwise, we consider the following criteria when choosing a new appliance:

  • Price and if the appliance is on sale
  • The appliance matches existing appliances
  • Appliance availability (we aim to replace appliances within 72-hours)

We tend to order our appliances from Lowe's or Big George's Home Appliance Mart. If an owner has a preferred appliance vendor, then we are happy to keep that in mind.

Delivery & Installation

We work with a local vendor Big George Appliance Mart, that delivers, installs and removes the old appliance. We have done price comparisons with other companies and have regularly found Big George’s to be most cost affective and reliable with installation and delivery.

Once the new appliance is installed, we record the make, model and serial number information in our system. If there are issues with the new appliance, and if it's within the warranty timeframe, we will coordinate and schedule service with the manufacturer.

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