November 16, 2022

Setting Up DTE Utilities

A guide to walk you through setting up utilities with DTE>

Information You'll Need

In order to set up a service through DTE, you’ll need to provide them with accurate identification. A Social Security number, driver's license or state identification number, passport, military ID or official American Tribal Document is necessary in order to start a residential service.

You should also know the start date of your upcoming lease, that way you can call ahead and ensure that your utilities are ready to go when you move-in. Your lease agreement should also outline which DTE utilities you are responsible for placing in your name.

Setting It Up

You can follow this link to head over to DTE’s site to start a service. You can also call DTE’s Customer Service line at 800.477.4747. Either way, make sure you have all your information ready!

It is important that you check your lease summary to determine whether or not you are paying for all utilities, a portion, or none of them. You wouldn’t want to start paying for a utility you don’t have to. For more information on how to view your lease, click here.

If you have any issues, you can reach out to the Baker Street Team and we can provide you with the account number.

Move-In Preparation

Two weeks prior to your move-in, you will receive a Pre-Move In Checklist which will include a place to confirm you have set up applicable utilities in your name. The confirmation you receive from DTE after setting up services will be required on this form. If you are responsible to put utilities in your name, we will not hand out keys or give key codes until we have confirmation that you have done so.

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