June 29, 2023

Payment and Lease Ledger FAQ

A guide to help tenants with commonly asked questions regarding making payments and tenant ledgers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my login isn’t working?

If your login or password isn’t working, you can reset that by visiting the Portal Login Page. Click on the forget password button on the bottom right hand side of the login page. You will receive an email prompting you to change your password.

Can my parents have a login?

Unfortunately, only current tenants who are listed on the lease are able to receive a login to the dashboard.

Can someone else make a payment on my ledger?

You are free to share your login and password information with someone else if they would like to make a payment on your ledger.  Kindly read our guide on How to Make Payments for additional information.

I overpaid on my account, what can I do? 

If you have mistakenly made a double payment on your account we are glad to help you! You have two options- to either keep the balance on your account for the next month’s payment or we can return the balance to you.

We can return the overpayment to you via Paypal, Venmo, or a check. Please reach out to us with an account for one of those online payment services and we will return the balance to you.

I think there’s an error on my ledger, what can I do? 

We are glad to help sort through any errors that you believe may be on your ledger. Please be sure to take the time to look through the ledger carefully and try to understand the charges and payments.

Charges are defined as a charge added to the ledger by Baker Street. Charges are typically rent, utilities, or fees. Payments are defined as a payment made by tenants that reduce the charges on the ledger.

What are prepayment charges?

One of the most common questions regarding a tenant’s ledger is why there is a “prepayment charge” on my ledger.

Recurring monthly rent charges are added to the account 5 days before the beginning of each month. If a tenant makes a payment in advance of the charges being added to the account the system adds a “prepayment charge” in the same amount as the payment to create a $0 balance on the account.

After the rent charge is added to the ledger, the “prepayment is applied to balance”, which essentially means that the payment made prior to the charge is now subtracted from the balance as if it was just made. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the prepayment charges or your ledger.

I have renewed my lease, what is the separate charge on my ledger?

If a tenant renewal lease start date is not the first of the month, then the rent of for the month will be calculated at a prorated rent charge (per the original rent rate and the renewal rent rate). This calculated prorated rent charge will clearly be outlined in the first month's rent section of your lease agreement.

Unfortunately, our system does not allow us to update the ongoing charge ahead of time, so instead, we add the prorated difference for the month that the renewal start to the ledger as a separate charge.

Leasing FAQ's

Please visit our Leasing FAQs document if you have additional questions about our leasing process.

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