April 20, 2023

How Lawn Care Works for Tenants

A guide on how lawn care works for tenants.

Lawn Care

Many tenants are responsible for lawn care at their properties. The exception would be any building with multiple units, any units that are a part of an association (such as a condor or apartment building), or where your lease explicitly designates that the owner provides lawn care. If you are unsure, please refer to the lease agreement.

Every Spring, Baker Street will inform tenants where lawn care is provided with details on the service. Typically, lawn care season begins in May and ends mid-late October. The routine lawn care service is taken care of on a biweekly schedule. Due to the unknown nature of the weather and how often the lawn may require mowing, Baker Street is unable to alert tenants when lawn care service occurs.

We ask tenants to let us know if our landscaper missed an area of the lawn or if excessive weeds have grown in any areas of the property.
For properties not including lawn care, tenants are responsible for lawn mowing. Some owners provide lawnmowers while others do not; each property is different. We generally advise owners to include a lawn mower on the property for tenant use, but this is not always provided.

If tenants do not take care of the lawn as required in the lease agreement, Baker Street may send their preferred vendor to service the lawn and charge the cost back to tenants. The City or township may ticket a property if the grass is too long and unmanaged; if the property is ticketed and a tenant is responsible for lawn care, then Baker Street may pass along the fee to the tenant.


Every Spring and Fall, Baker Street conducts a yard clean-ups at properties where lawn care is included. The service includes the following:

  • Cleaning up all of the yard space of leaves and debris
  • Cleaning any garden beds (removing dead leaves, dead plants, trash, etc.)
  • Hauling and disposing of yard waste and trash
  • Sweeping off porches and entrances of properties
  • Cleaning the gutters (if needed)

Spring cleanups are generally taken care of mid-late April (weather permitting), and Fall cleanups are handled after the bulk of the leaves fall in late-October to early-November. Due to the unpredictability of we may not be able to notify tenants when a cleanup will occur. If lawn service is not provided per the lease, then tenants are responsible for handling seasonal cleanups and lawn maintenance.

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