May 16, 2024

Our Maintenance Process for Tenants

A guide to help tenants understand what to expect after a maintenance ticket is filed

After your Ticket is Filed

After your maintenance ticket is filed, we determine the best way to serve you. Typically we will need to send someone from our maintenance team to investigate the issue. We will keep you updated on the progress of the repair on the ticket. After submitting a ticket, you will hear from our maintenance team to follow up on your concern. If you submit a maintenance request, please expect a member of our maintenance team to come by within the next 24-48 hours. If there are any inconvenient days or times, kindly let us know via the ticket.

Scheduling Maintenance

Due to the number of maintenance requests that we receive, we cannot always give you an exact time when maintenance will be at your property. We provide our maintenance workers with entry codes to enter units. Maintenance will first knock; if no one answers, maintenance will then enter using the code provided. In certain situations, we may be able to give you a more exact time when a maintenance member will be at your property but in most situations we would request your flexibility.

Resolving Maintenance Requests

We aim to resolve all general maintenance requests within 48-hours. There are times when issues are more complex and may require more intense repairs or bringing in an outside vendor. We will keep you posted on this type of a situation and aim to promptly resolve the issue.

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