November 16, 2022

Setting Up a Window A/C Unit

This article will help you with the process of setting up a window A/C unit.

AC Units

Many of our properties do not have central air conditioning.

During the Summer months, you are welcome to install a window A/C unit to cool down the space. Some of our properties may have a window A/C unit provided. Otherwise, you are welcome to purchase your own unit.

We allow you to install your own window A/C units, but please ensure you do so safely and properly. Lowe’s has an in-depth article on how to properly install an A/C unit. If you prefer to have a member from our maintenance team assist and install the unit for you, we are happy to do so (at no cost to you)!

Just submit a ticket via your dashboard if you would like assistance with installation. Similarly, our maintenance team is happy to assist in removing the A/C unit before the Winter months.

Energy Costs

A/C units are one of the largest consumers of energy during the Summer months. If you are using an A/C unit, you can expect your energy usage and DTE bill to be higher than usual. There are some common sense practices you can use to reduce the amount of energy consumption when you have an A/C unit installed.

  • Turn off your AC unit when you leave the house.
  • Change the functions on your AC unit, such as digital temperature controls, variable fan speeds, and sleep settings to improve efficiency.
  • Only turn on the AC unit when you are in the room with the unit.

A/C Unit Filters

Many window A/C window unit systems have reusable filters. If your unit's filter light comes on, simply pull out the filter, wash under warm soapy water, and let it dry completely before reinstalling, and voila!

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